Their Needs

There may be some orphanages and shelters in the Philippines, but there are simply not enough for the enormous need that exists there. The Philippines government has strived to protect the rights of these children but does not have near enough resources to dedicate to the problem itself. Citizens there have enough of their own economic suffering to deal with… they certainly don’t have money to donate to orphanages or shelters.

So, the majority of orphanages there are setup using funds from outside of the country. Most of these are “Faith-Based” orphanages using contributions from Western countries. Naturally the Evangelical Christians are the leading the way in this, as their main goal is: “To establish a witness for Christ in every unreached nation, as well as to encourage and strengthen evangelical Christianity…” They are famous for setting up shop in the poorest nations. They intentionally target Catholic or Muslim families… especially children!

Allah has enriched the Muslims in the world. However, we are not working to make solutions to this problem, maybe the way we should be… May Allah, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, Help us, amin.

Watch some of the videos below, just to get an idea of what is going on in the Philippines.

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